Post Launch Party

So, a little update on the progress and growth of SMBG. We have been in business for a little over 2 months now; how exciting! Business has been growing at a normal staring rate. We recently had our first Launch Party at a dear friends house in North Oaks, and boy was that a success! It was a great morning to introduce the line and have customer’s feel the clothes and the quality.

Now, you may be wondering, why I keep speaking in a second person, and that is because I see SMBG as my partner, known as God, well he is the owner, but you know what I meanJ So, now let’s talk about the party and how that came about. I know you’re anxious to hear all about it!

So, in the middle on May, I had a random though to throw a party, as I was noticing that people were reacting to the clothes more positively when they tried them on, so a lightbulb turned on in my head; I say that metaphorically though, because it was not an idea I had, God told me to do this party, it was his spirit giving me direction. A little about me though, I don’t like to throw parties at all, I don’t enjoy the whole preparation of such, getting people there, talking about it, it’s just not something I enjoy doing. But I also knew inside that if I was being called to do this, God would provide everything for me to do it, but geez I didn’t know to what extent God would take it too!

So, let start from the beginning, I knew to begin with I needed a house to host the event. One day I went to drop something off at my friend’s house, and when I got to there, I was like “wow, her house is beautiful” so I thought to ask her, but I never really got around to it. The next day I returned to work, and one of my associates (yes, I know!) approached me and said “Yudi, I have it in my heart to open the doors of my house for your Launch party” I was so shocked and stunned! The next comment is for the glory of God only, because I don’t like to boast on such things, but God gave me a more beautiful home, which was pretty much perfect in every sense of the word, I literally could not believe it.

Let’s back up for a minute, so you grasp the miracles that happened along the way, and when I say miracles, I mean God’s hand. Around the middle of May, when the thought of doing a party came about, my parents were set to fly to Mexico for 3 months, which made me sad because I wanted them to be part of this event with me (Yes, for all that know me, I am abnormally close to my parents) But before my mom left, she told me not to worry, because she knew God would send his angels to help me through and with everything, and she was so right. My first angel, was my dear friend Tammy, who opened her house to me, then came her friends who helped out of the goodness of their heart, with no expectation of getting anything in return, and needless to say, they didn’t even know who I was. Three weeks before the party, I met with Tammy and her friends, and as I was sitting there listening to their ideas on how we were going to turn her house into a boutique, and they talked about flowers, decorations, ideas, food, and so much more, I was thinking in my head “God, what are you doing?” I never expected to have such a fancy party, I was like, wow, they are going all out. But, at the same time, that is Gods nature, he goes all out, he does not think little, we do; he thinks BIG! My dear readers, in all honesty, all I did, was get the gifts, fixtures and some other things, and everything else was done by God’s angels, like my mom said. But let me tell you, finding the right gifts to give, thinking of every single detail, getting the right color, designing everything was stressful. My desire to give him excellence was tiring, and there were days, when I was like, aghh this is exhausting, I could not sleep, and my mind was completely saturated with all kind of thoughts. However, every single minute that I spent planning this party was totally worth it, he was involved in every detail. And Let me tell you, God wow’d me!

Another important thing I wanted to find prior to the event, was to find a women’s ministry that I could partner with financially; and again, of course God came through. A few weeks before the party, I went to church and spoke to one of the pastors about my intentions with my business and my desire to find a ministry to help. He referred me to the director of the Dwelling Place, who happens to attend the same church service time and day as me. She was there that Saturday, after speaking to her for about 5 minutes, it felt so right! I proceeded to tell her that I wanted to partner my business with her ministry, I told her about my Launch party and she said she would love to go to represent the ministry! I mean come on, I was like “really God”, oh friends, he is so good. To make a long story short, the director of the Dwelling Place was present at my party. Every single piece was falling into place, like perfectly.

The day of the party came, and friends the house felt so peaceful and the party was perfect. I have no words to express my gratitude to all the people that helped put the party together, but especially to the most amazing women I’ve ever met, who’s heart is selfless, who is beautiful inside and out, to a women who has become like a second mom to me. I love you Tammy, may God continue to bless you!


Check out some pictures and a video from this amazing party! Thank you reading this blog.

Stay tuned…..

Yours truly