Post Fashion Show

When the pieces all come together

Let’s recap…last major thing that happened, was the amazing people I met at the Launch Party back in June. That day I met a wonderful women; Julie Oliver, whom has taken me and SMBG to a different level. After my party in June, Julie contacted me and express her experience at my party, and offered me her house to do the next party! Now, this does not seem that big of a deal to you just yet, because I have not told you the whole story.

So, let me tell you. After my launch party was over, I thought, “I should ask Tami ( my friend who hosted the launch party) if I could do the next party at her house” I kind of felt like I needed to secure another house in that moment. But suddenly, I felt God, say, “Don’t worry, I have a plan”. You may be wondering how I heard that from God, right? Well, it’s not an audible voice I hear, it’s more of a thought that comes to my mind, but I know that thought is not mine, it’s like a beautiful whisper.

Let’s continue with the story, so God told me that he had a plan, and indeed he did! The next day, I was offered a new house to host the fashion show! You hear me say this a lot, but it is only because I am so passionate about God and how he opens every single door for me, but please know that I say this with all humility and not to boast on myself, or to say that I made any of this happen, because I take NO credit at all for anything that has happened, it’s all God.

Let’s fast forward, to about a month before the show. I went to see Julie’s house so I could come up with a plan as far as set up and such. Now, when I got there, I could not believe the house God had chosen for the show, it was PERFECT! The layout, the space, the setting, I mean it was like it was meant for a show. Not only was the house perfect, but Julie has become another pivotal women in my life, she has supported me, cheered me on and has called me an “inspiration”. You don’t just ran into people like Julie, unless is intentional and for a purpose, and when you are on the receiving end, it truly is life changing. 

 What happened next in my story was another whisper from God. See, after I left Julie’s, I realized how big of a deal this was going to be;  it was not something small. I stared to think about things needed, such as a DJ, models, etc…. One day, I was driving to work, and I thought of the guy that used to do the fashion shows at Herberger's; Jai Cherney. I obtained his number from my former Boss, at that moment I felt so bold, and secure of what I needed so I called him; he stared telling me about him and what he did, at this point of the conversation, I realized that he was not just a DJ like I thought and I learned that he actually worked for what was Bon-Ton’s corporate office but that he also had his own production company and he lived in Milwaukee WI! so at that moment, while we were still on the phone, I was thinking “yea right, this guy is going to be way out of my budget, what was I thinking” he proceeded to say, think of a number that would be fair for the both of us, and lets talk tomorrow, and in my mind I was like “geez, I have no idea, I’ve never done this before” and we hung up. I was honestly, not going to be calling him back.  

The next day, I went for a hike, because I felt I needed time with just me and God. I was somewhere where I had no phone signal, but somehow, a text from Jai came in, saying he really wanted to help me and that hopefully where he lived and what he did was not driving me away, I thought “wow, how did this text come through?" honestly I was not going to text him back after we talked the night before.  But throughout this hike, I heard another whisper to offer him a certain amount of money to do the show, but I was struggling because I thought “he is never going to go for that amount, seriously God?” 

When I got home from my hike, I felt the need to call him, we started talking again and when he asked me about the cost, I was so nervous to tell him but I really had no option so I did. And guess what? He said “done” and I was literally in awe, I could not believe it. I tell you one thing, when God speaks, nothing will ever go wrong, we just have to listen and obey. Something great began with that call. Jai came up to MN 3 weeks before the show to look at Julie’s house and we started to come up with plans and the more I talked to him, and observed, I realized why God had chosen him; he does this for a living and truth be told, if it not have been for his help, I would’ve been lost at how to set everything up; he knew the logistics of putting a fashion show together. Before any of this happened; the idea of my fashion show, I’d never really crossed words with him when he would come to do the shows at Herbergers, and throughout this journey of putting my own show, he has become a mentor to me, a very close friend and we have cultivated an amazing business relationship.

The next part of my story, may give you chills, but it’s awesome! I am sure you remembered the painful 2 weeks we had of weather, when we literally woke up to rain and clouds every single day. Well, it took so much faith for me not to break down. I am going to be a little vulnerable for a moment, but in this part of the story, is necessary so you understand the process. Believing in God, and knowing he has control of all things is one thing, but we are also human, and sometimes the circumstances around us, will defeat us, but we always have a choice; the choice to believe God or fall into a fear that will paralyze you.

My fashion show was planned to be outside, as Julie had a pool. The models were to walk around the perimeter of the pool. Now, you can imagine what waking up to rain and clouds, and cold weather was doing to me. I acted in front of everyone, like it didn’t matter, but I was so scared at times that it was going to rain and I was also terrified to check the weather forecast, because rain would’ve been catastrophic. So, I did the only thing I could do, I prayed, and prayed and asked God to please open up the sky the day of the show, after all he is the creator of the universe, he can totally do that. I had 2 choices, to fear or believe; I choose to believe. So many people were praying for the same thing.

Days leading to the show, the weather forecast was showing first just clouds, then it moved to clouds and sun and was now forecasting to be like 55 degrees, with Saturday being the best day of the week! Friday night, I called a rehearsal before the show, and that day it was sunny, but the sun was hitting the front of the house, but not the backyard, and in my mind, I asked God to let the sun hit the backyard the day of the show. Saturday morning, I arrived at 8:30 am and it was so cold out, it was like 35 degrees and it was cloudy, at around 10:30 am there was still no sun, so I thought as long as it does not rain, it will be fine. My show stared at 11:30am, so at 11:15 am or so, I went outside and looked at the sky, and it was very sunny, and when I looked at the sun, it was like a lamp that was positioned to literally shine down at the backyard and the pool!!! Not only that, but the 30 minutes we were outside for the show, it was not even cold. As soon as my show was over, the sky began to close and it became cloudy just like that, and the rest of the day was cold! Yes, the sun came out just for my event and then it went away. God came through! He always does. If this was not good enough, I surpass my expectations in every aspect at my show, I made new connections that I am now waiting to see what role they will play in this journey.

I know this blog was super long, but I could not leave any details out, and I wanted you to see how every piece comes together. I don’t call it luck, I call it faith. Oh, and by the way, something even bigger came out of this show, but that will be on the next Blog.

Thank you for continuing to read about my journey.