One by One

Making a difference, one seed at a time

SMBG has created a program where you can now earn points for every $1 that you spend. I am sure you are wondering the meaning of “her, seeds, rose petals and why One by One” and I am so happy to explain it to you!

One by One was born as a way to help “her”. She is a women, who is a survivor of abuse. She has decided to take the bold step to leave that toxic life and has arrived at The Dwelling Place; a Christian ministry that provides long-term transitional housing, basic needs, trauma-informed supportive services, educational programs and mentoring for women and their children fleeing domestic violence. The Dwelling Place fulfills the need for healing time, and personal development by providing comprehensive programs for 12 months (or longer, if needed) allowing women and children the precious gift of time.

Change begins with one person, and One by One we can begin to chance the world and change someone’s life. When you make a purchase at SMBG, you are sowing a seed in form of a dollar, to help make a difference in her life and the life of her children, as SMBG donates 10% of its profits to the growth of The Dwelling Place.


Every dollar that you spend is considered a seed that you will be sowing to help transform her life. I am honored to own a business that helps abused women have a better life, and therefore giving her the opportunity to give her children a different future. God gave all of us a purpose, and some of our stories have very different journeys that ultimately get us there.

Rose Petals

The Petals are the points you’re earning for every dollar you spend. When you reach certain amount of petals, you receive a reward, in a form of a dollar off coupon. A rose symbolizes God’s love and work in the world; it is a mere reflection of his infinitive beauty and love for us. Roses also symbolize honor, and faith.

She is his masterpiece and desires for “her” to see herself as beautiful as he created her to be. When we get a rose, we feel so special because it’s an unspoken sign that someone loves us. “She” has never received a rose and it is my commitment that as a club, every 5000 seeds sown, I will personally deliver one rose to all the women living at The Dwelling Place, to show her that we care for her!

Thank you for joining and being part of The SMBG Club- One by One!