My Journey-Part 2

My Journey- Part 2

So, here I am; 10 years later into this dream. That took a while hu? Well, yea it did, but then again, God's timing is always perfect. So, we ended that I decided to make God my Boss, therefore everything I have accomplished has been directed by him. Let’s start with the journey of finding SMBG. This part of the journey is more than what I want to share, as I feel is a private journey between me and God, but I feel at the same time that I have to share this with you.

So, when I was attending college, I attended this tradeshow in my senior year in Vegas as part of an experience, it was meant for us as students to be exposed to the retail world, to see vendors and designers interact, negotiate and how essentially the fashion industry works, but it was also for us to learn how to make connections. Well, when I went I was mesmerized, I felt that I was in my domain, full of fashion and just craziness. There was a desire for me to come back, but as a buyer for my own store, I thought “how cool would that be”. So I did…. I attended about 5 years later with my sister, because I felt it in my heart I needed to go; after all it was part of this dream. Now, let’s go back a minute, remember this was within the 10 years before I knew God was the Boss. When I attended the tradeshow, in all honesty, I had no idea what I was looking for, nor really what the concept was. Well, needless to say, I came back empty handed. I felt like a failure (although I didn’t really tell anybody-not even my family). I didn’t get it, why would God send me there, only to come back with nothing? I knew there was a purpose on why I was introduced to this trade show while I was in school, but I didn’t know truly why.

Well, after I failed at this trade show, I quit my dream for a while, it went back in the box and into the closet. Many years went by, in which without noticing, God was changing me, all of me. He was shaping my concept, he was speaking to me through dreams, through people, and he was putting a bigger desire for him in my heart. He wanted me to see that this store is just that, a store, but the ultimate purpose is something else. He wants me to help the world! People suffering, kids involved in sex trafficking and women that feel hopeless. This is why friends, it took so long for me to bring this store to pass, because God knew I was thinking too small, and I was not seeing the purpose. And, just like that he completely changed EVERYTHING, I changed the name to Simply Me by Grace, because it’s his grace that has me here, I don’t deserve any of this, who am I that he has chosen me to be an advocate for him; for his kingdom. I get emotional talking about this part of my story because I feel so honored and loved by him, that the creator of the universe, the one who sits above the circle of the earth has taken the time to look and speak to me.

Fast forward to the year 2018, now that there is a firm concept and God is the Boss, he said to me “you have to go back”. Now, this part of the story, is when you realize God knows his plans for you before you even do. A month before I even knew I was going to go, I had requested vacation from work on the 2nd week of March, without knowing I was going to be flying out to Vegas. Well, turns out that the trade show dates were exactly on the days I had requested off a month in advance! I mean that is totally God’s hand, there are no coincidences in him, he simply guides every step we take. So within 2 weeks I planned my trip and up I went to a place where I had my failure years back. But this time I had a purpose, I knew what this company was, and I knew what I was looking for (or so, I thought).

I had found that there were going to be 2 different tradeshows at different convention centers, but both had very different concepts and designers (we’ll call A the tradeshow that I was interested in, and B is the one the one that I was not interested in, tradeshow B I had already attended, the one where I failed) Tradeshow B was more private and required more detail paperwork to go, you were only able to attend once as a startup retailer, and remember I had already attended with my sister. Tradeshow A; however was more open to different retailers and to the public, it was basically easier to get in. I was very interested in going to A, just based on what I was looking for, and didn’t really care if tradeshow B gave me access or not as a second time attendee. So I said “God if you want to me go, you will open all the doors and give me access to whichever you want me to go” and days before flying out, I received access to both. But, either way I only wanted to attend tradeshow A, If I had time left I was going to go to tradeshow B just to see it.

In My Journey-Part 3 I will tell you guys what happened in this amazing trip! I hope you continue to follow me and keep reading my story. It only gets better!

Yours truly,


Jeremiah 29:11