My Journey-Final part

My Journey- The end of the search

This part of the journey, is filled with fear, disappointment, discouragement, but with such a rewarding and amazing ending. So, I told you guys that days before leaving on my trip, I got approved to both tradeshows. Let’s refresh your memory for a minute. Tradeshow A was the one I was interested in based on what I was looking for, and Tradeshow B was the one I had previously attended with my sister years back, and the one I was not really going to. Ok, now that you remember, here we go. For this trip, I took my mom with me for support, but also because I wanted her to see Vegas and for us to have mother/daughter time. It was great!

Monday and Tuesday were the days we attended the Tradeshows; I only had 2 days to find what represented SMBG. On Monday, we attended Tradeshow A, the moment I walked in, it seemed right. I was finding a lot of cute things from different vendors, but although they were cute, none truly represented SMBG. As I have mentioned before; through this blog, I am putting myself out there, and although is uncomfortable for me, I truly believe is necessary so you can see how big, real and wonderful God is. So, here we go….

The whole time I was at the tradeshow I was so nervous and very insecure. I was very intimidated by all the people there, I would look around and see buyers sitting with vendors writing orders left and right. I stared to remember my failure from years back, and at some point it stared to paralyze me. But I knew I could either let the fear break me or I could fight and break through it. I had to keep reminding myself that God had brought me back for a reason.

Many of the vendors, didn’t seemed very friendly, nor seemed that they wanted to help me, which of course added fuel to my insecurity; I was getting very discouraged. There was one vendor in particular I liked, and they seemed to be the only ones that were giving me attention, I was telling myself that this vendor would work, but God was saying “no”, so I walked away. Let me clarify, it was not an audible voice I heard, when God talks to you, its more of a feeling you get inside, for me I was not feeling peace,  and when something comes from God, you will feel his peace.  There was another vendor that seemed to have what I was looking for, but they required an appointment, so I made it for Tuesday, but the representative was so indifferent, and he even said, “well, I don’t think we have what you are looking for, but you can come back tomorrow and we can see how I can help you”. I felt so broken down. After that, me and mom went out to dinner as we were done with our day. At dinner I was feeling like a failure, like I had not accomplished what God had brought me there for.

On Tuesday, we went to Tradeshow B (the one I did not want to go) because there was one vendor that I wanted to see. In the midst of trying to find the booth, we stumbled into this other vendor that had really cute things, but you also had to make an appointment. Now, remember that I had an appointment at tradeshow A to see that guy that didn’t want to help me in the first place, so I made an appointment to come back after my other appointment at tradeshow A. I took about 4 Uber rides within a 2 hour lapse; that was actually funny. So, in case you’re wondering how it went with that guy, yea well of course, it was useless, so after only 10 minutes of being with him, mom and I took another ride back to Tradeshow B. We got there about 1 hour prior to my other appointment, so we started looking around at other booths. Well, as we were walking, we came across this vendor and I stared looking and feeling the clothes and my jaw dropped, every single piece I pulled from display, was just perfect! All of the sudden, the vendor approached us and she was so nice, she sat us down, I told her what I was looking for in 20 seconds and she starting pulling piece after piece and everything was so absolutely perfect. I looked at my mom and said, “Mom, this is it” this is what God wants! This is what he brought me here for. Friends I felt so much peace and out of 300 vendors that I had previously seen, nothing compared in the very least to this vendor; I knew without a doubt this was it. It was everything I was looking for, down to the last detail; the fabric, the style, the look of it, EVERYTHING!

Now, let’s go back so I can tell you how God works. I was not planning on going to Tradeshow B, I didn’t even care if I was granted access or not, but God knew the plans. This is why our plans are always just that, our plans, but what he has in store of us, is always way better. Earlier on Tuesday, I was staring to settle on vendors that were not what I wanted, I had lost complete perspective, I didn’t even know what I was looking for anymore, I just wanted something. I probably looked at over 300 vendors, but nothing felt right, nothing represented Simply Me by Grace. SMBG is God’s store after all, it had to be excellent quality and the clothes had to feel amazing, they had to be simply graceful. Friends, what God gave me at the end was more than even in my own mind had imagine I could find. It was even better!

 I couldn’t explain to you how all these divine appointments and interventions came along, except that they were ordained by God, so I could find the clothes he wanted me to find.

I know this post is a bit long, but it was great hu? This ends the journey of the search. The next blogs will be about the growth of SMBG and where your contributions will lead to.

Thank you for staying tuned and remember, to me you are more than a customer and your purchase is more than an order. It’s part of a bigger plan!

Yours truly,